Sephardic Siddur in the Custom of
the Jews from Rhodes and Turkey

' Siddur Zehut Yosef '

Edited by Hazzan Isaac Azose

Forward to the Siddur Zehut Yosef

Our late beloved father, Joseph Haim Benoliel, [A"H], instilled in his children the importance of our roots and traditions. He carried with great pride the noble Sephardic heritage of his ancestors, and passed to us the sacred duty of continuing that golden chain he cherished so dearly. He fondly admired the Spanish-Portuguese Siddur of his youth from his native Manchester, England. He praised with ease with which the entire congregation could participate together, using one text, conforming strictly to their own communal minhag. We could find no more fitting tribute to his memory and legacy than the honor of participating in this great project of preserving the minhag of his adopted Seattle community through the publication of this Siddur.

We are indeed fortunate that our dear cousin Hazzan Isaac Azose took on this arduous task of editing a Siddur Tefilah that captures the customs of the Jews who settled in Seattle from both the Isle of Rhodes and from Turkey. He painstakingly and lovingly labored for many years to bring this work to print. We are fortunate that he found a willing partner in our brother Joel, whose enthusiasm and support for the project was invaluable. May Isaac and Joel and their families enjoy the abundant blessings of the A-lmighty.

The name of this Siddur, "Zehut Yosef," has a double connotation: it is dedicated to the zehut or merit, of our beloved father, Yosef. At the same time, it is in his merit, and to his credit, that all of his loving children feel the spirit that he left on the earth, and take up his challenge to perpetuate the Sephardic tradition he help so dear. May the prayers emanating from this beautiful Siddur "Zehut Yosef," together with all the prayers of our people, find favor in the eyes of our Creator for peace and well-being and for redemption in our days. Amen.

Rabbi Haim Yosef Benoliel
Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivat Mikdash Melech,
Brooklyn, NY., and Jerusalem
Kislev, 5762; December, 2002


Page 34 Hebrew and English (beginning pages of the Amidah)

Page 259 Hebrew and Ladino (Pirkeh Avot - Ethics of the Fathers)

Pages 386 & 387 from the Tu Bishvat (Frutikas) Service

Page 443 Ladino and English (Seder Mesirat Moda'a - 13 Principles of Faith)

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  • Page 34 Heb and Eng (beginning pages of the Amidah)
  • Pages 386 from the Tu Bishvat (Frutikas) Service
  • Page 443 Ladino 1 2 and English (Seder Mesirat Moda'a - 13 Principles of Faith)

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