<i>Last Century</i> of a Sephardic Community - The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943.
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Visitors´ Praise for Monastir

The Sephardic Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943. A web companion to a new history.

"The bustle and brilliancy of Monastir is remarkable . . . You are bewildered by the sudden reappearance of a civilization which you had apparently left for ever: reviews, guards, bands of music, pashas, palaces, and sentry-boxes, bustling scenes and heaps of merchandise await you at every turn."

Edward Lear, English writer, 1848

"The most beautiful part of town, however, lies on the west side on both sides of the Dragor stream, which flows through the town in a walled-in channel. On both quays, with their elegant balustrades, extends a long row of large, new houses in which live the numerous military Pashas and the high-ranking military and civil servants who are stationed here . . . Monastir gave the impression of a major center."

J.G. v. Hahn, Austrian writer, 1858

Monastir displayed a "bustle and an activity which looked more westerly, and gave the place a far more civilized aspect in some respects than even Constantinople itself."

Mary Walker, English visitor, 1860

Visitors to Monastir "will seem to be breathing European air" and "will be agreeably surprised at the number of Europeans, either in trade or the service of the [government]."

Bradshaw's Handbook to the Turkish Empire, 1870s

"To visit Monastir is worth it at all costs. Here is the pleasantest and cleanest Turkish city it has ever been my fortune to visit."

American missionary, 1902

"How beautiful was the city of Monastir, with its white houses displayed along the banks of the cool and clear river Dragor, and with its markets teeming with diverse crowds of a half-dozen nations! What a magnificent panorama formed by Pelister´s snowy summits and green forests."

A. Rappoport, Austrian consul, 1927

"It is one of those cities which prove to our amazement that we Westerners have never even begun to understand what town-planning means. Thirty-five thousand people live in it, yet from every point of the compass it looks like a garden, and there is no part of it so congested or squalid that it would be unpleasant to live in it."

Rebecca West, English writer, 1937


<i>Last Century</i> of a Sephardic Community - The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943.

Last Century of a Sephardic Community - The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943.
by Mark Cohen

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