Toledo, Spain



seventy-six tombstone inscriptions that were engraved on the graves of Rabbis and Notabilities who lived in Toledo six hundred years ago. An Ancient copied them and collected them in a book that till now remained in a manuscript form. And now, with G-od's help, the Hakham and notable YOSEF ALMANTSI has been enlightened and copied them from that manuscript. Here they are printed out with some added notes.

Have been added
A commentary to the book of Mikha
by the Young Hakham Yaakov Hay Pardo


An elegy to the memory of his beloved young friend

A l m a n t s i

Send to print by
The Scholar Rabbi Shmuel David Luzzatto
Professor at Padova Collegium Rabbinicum

who added an introduction and some notes

D e n k s t e i n e


PRAGUE, 1841

Druck und Verlag des M.J.Landau

Fig 1. Original Book Title Page


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b. = Ben or Bat = son or daughter of
d. = died
m. = married
R. or Rab.= Rabbi
w. = wife of y. = years


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