Jewish Holocaust Victims of Thessaloniki (Salonika)

Greek language list of 13,000 names (PDF format)

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During World War II, the 86% of the Jewish population perished in the concentration camps. Out of a total of 77,377, only 10, 226 survived the Holocaust. It is commonly known that the Jewish community of Thessaloniki [Salonika] suffered the greatest losses. Unfortunately, the archives of the Jewish communities were either destroyed or confiscated by the nazis.

The prewar archives of the community of Thessalonika were later found in Moscow, Russia--after the opening of the Moscow archives. The Greek Jewish authorities are currently negotiating for the return of these records.

Provided here is a PDF file with 13,000 Jews (mostly all Sephardic) of whom are known to be deported and killed in and around 1943. The information was provided graciously by the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki.

Note: this file is in the Greek language. Translation is ongoing.

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