<i>Last Century</i> of a Sephardic Community - The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943.
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Praise for Mark Cohen's Last Century of a Sephardic Community:
The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943

"An important addition to the study of Sephardic Jews and an essential building block in what I hope is the burgeoning field of Balkan Jewish studies. … Cohen has done an impressive job, and no library - certainly no center of Jewish studies - would be complete without this book.
Alana Newhouse, The Forward, August 15, 2003

Mark Cohen's portrait of a once vibrant Balkan world that is no more is an unusual and impressive work … a well-researched narrative history of the city, now Bitola, in Macedonia.
Sandee Brawarsky, The Jewish Week. April 14, 2004

"This lovely book provides a welcome glimpse into a world once vibrant and now tragically lost. … Cohen presents a fascinating story of the Monastir Jews' traditional culture, their Westernization, and destruction in the Holocaust. Last Century offers a portrait of a hitherto neglected Jewish culture that is a pleasure to read."
Dr. Sarah Abrevaya Stein, Dept. of History, University of Washington

"Cohen, a journalist of Monastirli descent, provides us a rich survey on the Jewish community of the Balkan city of Monastir. He examines the history of the town and its Jewish community on the background of general developments in the region. The book is also rich in economic and social examination and especially in information about the culture of the community … this is a welcomed contribution."
Rachel Simon, Princeton University, Princeton University Library
Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter, September/October 2003

"A number of similar volumes have been published recently; most are dry, soulless records. Here, in Last Century, Mr. Cohen has put a face on a lost community. [Research based on] archival sources in five countries on three continents … together with a fluid and engaging writing style, help make Last Century of a Sephardic Community interesting reading both for the serious student of history and those interested in vanished Jewish communities of yesteryear."
The Jewish Press, November 28, 2003

"[The] book is terrific. It put my family history in far more perspective than I have ever been able to find before."
Judi Hasson, Editor-at-Large, Federal Computer Week

"Cohen has provided for the reader a microscopic focus on the Jews in his encyclopedic biography of a unique Jewish community during its last century of existence. Into that multi-faceted story [Cohen] weaves both the local and the regional history of one of the world's most complex areas."
Steven Bowman, Jewish Studies Network, November 2003

"Cohen has set himself a laudable task and has accomplished it with flying colors. … A must for the student of Sefardica."
Dr. Albert de Vidas, American Assocation of Jewish Friends of Turkey Newsletter, Summer 2003

"I read with much interest your book that is almost perfect in all its aspects. In my review that I have presented to the quarterly Pe'amim, I defined it as a research into the pre-Holocaust Sephardi world. Again, many congratulations for your great work."
Prof. Nissim Yosha, on reviewing Last Century for Pe'amim, the Journal of the Ben-Zvi Institute.

"By casting the Jewish community of Monastir in an historical context, Mr. Cohen fills the blanks in the memories of natives of Monastir and their descendants. It is a book that we warmly recommend to them and to others interested in Balkan Jewish history."
Jean Carasso La Lettre Sepharade, October 2003

"You gave yourself a lot of grief and toil in gathering so many precious documents. Many of these were unknown to us. You built a great monument, unlike anything done until now."
Zamila Kolonomos, author of Proverbs, Sayings and Tales of the Sephardi Jews of Macedonia

"[A]n in-depth study that delves into a variety of archival and published sources to bring together a coherent story of a community … Last Century of a Sephardic Community is a good addition to the growing literature on Sephardic Jews."
Journal of American Folklore

"This is a quality book in appearance and in thoroughness of research. It contains not only a detailed history, but also a section of songs, tales, and proverbs, all with the typical pronunciation of the Ladino [dialect] of Monastir (and Yugoslavia in general) … This book is an important contribution to the history of our people. I recommend it to you all with much enthusiasm."
Rachel Bortnick, Ladinokomunita, September 2003

"The book, illustrated with numerous photographs, also has a complete list of the names of the 3,276 Monastir Jews who were deported [during the Shoah], along with a selection of kantigas, romansas, konsejas and refranes in Ladino … not only very interesting from a folklore perspective of this community, but also for the spoken Ladino [dialect], which which was different from Salonika, Istambul and other parts of the Sephardic Diaspora.
Aki Yerushalyim, #73, November 2003

<i>Last Century</i> of a Sephardic Community - The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943.

Last Century of a Sephardic Community - The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943.
by Mark Cohen

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