Maps and Photos

An assortment of Sephardic-oriented images. Some are graphics, some photos, all are interesting.


Algeria and Oran 1880

North Africa 1770

North Africa 1780

Tunis and Constatine 1880


Armenia 1522

The Bosphorus (opposite the Genoese Castle) 1845

Constantinople - Golden Horn 1816

Constantinople - Golden Horn 1816 (Close Up box)

Constantinople 1705

Constantinople 1858

Constantinople 1865

Cyprus (Island) 1870

Gelibolu (Gallipoli) Peninsula (Satellite)

Gelibolu (Gallipoli) Peninsula (Satellite Enhanced)

Gelibolu (Gallipoli) Map 1804

Turkey in Europe 1796

Turkey & Black Sea from Space

Turkey in Europe and Asia from Space

Turkey, Simple color graphic of West Anatolia

Turkey, 1770, Eastern Anatolia (Big file)

Basic map of mainland Anatolia (Turkey)

Constantinople: Rare 360 degree panorama view of Constantinople circa 1920. High Resolution

Constantinople, and sea of Marmara c. 1890: View

Dardanelles Map 1764

Dardanelles with Turkish / Greek Coasts 1595

High detail color relief map of Turkey and surrounding areas

Modern road map close up: Edirne, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey.

Graphic of the Sea of Marmara

Romania, Sephardic Communities


Azores (Portugal) 1840

Route Through the Balkans, on the frontier of Bulgaria & Roumania 1840

Gibraltar from the Sea 1858

Greece 1880

Iberia 1784

Italy 1796

Italy 1832

Paris 1893 (Center of town only)

Iberia 1579

Spain with its divisions 1810

Spain with its divisions 1817

Spain 1832 (High Resolution)

Spain 1850 (East Coast) & Balearic Islands Majorca, Minorca (High Resolution)

Spain 1850 (East Coast) & Balearic Islands Majorca, Minorca (Very High Resolution)

Straights of Gibraltar 1782

Straights of Gibraltar 1784

Lisbon 1598 1 2 3 4 5

Lisbon, Portugal 1757

High Resolution Only 18th century Robert de Vaugondys mapmakers "Atlas Universel." It was published in Paris circa 1778. It depicts those countries (except for Hungary) that were part of the Ottoman Empire. A number of states shown, for example, Transylvania and Valaquie (Wallachia) no longer exist. Others such as Romania and Bulgaria have radically different borders.


Damascus View 1855

Places Recorded in the Five Books of Moses 1817

Dominions of Solomon and his Allies 1823

The Purveyorships in the Reign of Solomon 1798

Hebron 1855

Tiberia 1855


United States Sephardic Communities


World 1550 (High Res)


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