The Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture (FASSAC) was proud to have one of its vice-presidents, S. Alfassa-Marks, assist the International Committee for Judeo-Spanish at Auschwitz (JEAA) as its original United States representative. Mr. In addition, the FASSAC supported the JEAA by coordinating travel of U.S. delegates to Poland for the dedication ceremony of the plaque in Judeo-Spanish which took place March 24, 2003.

These pages are a tribute to the work of the JEAA which after three years helped obtain an international memorial for the Sephardic Jews at Auschwitz. These pages will help memorialize the historic Sephardic event, the dedication of a plaque in Judeo-Spanish which took place in March of 2003.

All Photos Were Taken by Shelomo Alfassa

Photo by Shelomo Alfassa



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