Abarbanel Commentary on Prophet Daniel

Financier and courtier to the kings of Portugal, Spain, and Italy and Spanish Jewry’s foremost representative at court at the time of its 1492 expulsion, Isaac Abarbanel was also Judaism’s leading scholar at the turn of the sixteenth century. His work has had a profound influence on both his contemporaries and later thinkers. Isaac Abarbanel’s scholarship was already well-attested during his Iberian years, finding its most notable written expression in biblical commentaries on the books of Joshua, Judges, and Samuel composed by Abarbanel soon after his arrival in Castile.

These images are of M’ainay HaYeshua. This is a commentary by Haham Don Isaac Abarbanel on the Prophet Daniel, and was printed in Amsterdam in 1647. The Abarbanel discussed in this book the period of the Spanish expulsion to the prophecy of Daniel. It was printed by Mannases ben Yisrael in Vinograd, Amsterdam. View Image 1647

Here is an image of the first edition of this book. It is very rare,
as it was printed in 1511 – only 19 years after the expulsion from Spain.
In 2001, it was sold to a private person at an auction for $20,700.

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