Corfu, Greece Prayer Book 1885

Corfu is an island in the Ionian Seawhich had been a home of Jews for over 800 years. The story of the Holocaust in Corfu is especially unfortunate, not only because it occurred late in the war. The Jewish population of the island was a mix of Romaniotes (Greek speaking), Sephardic (Ladino speaking), and Italian speaking Jews from Apulia and Sicily. During the 12th century, the well known Jewish traveler Benjamin of Tudela mentions that he met Jews in Corfu.

The last cheif rabbi of Corfu was Rabbi Iakov Nechama. The Germans took over control of the island in 1943, after the fall of Italy, and promulgated antisemitic laws.

This is a "Seder Tefillot" from Corfu, Greece. It was published in 1885 by Shlomo Nachmali and was translated by Joseph Nachmali. It is a basic prayerbook for year round use with Greek translations. View High Resolution Image 1 View High Resolution Image 2

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