Listing of Bulgarian Jewish (Sephardic) Soldiers Killed During the Balkans Wars and WWI 1912 CE - 1918 CE

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  • Bulgaria civil law dictated that when a child was born, it had to be given a first name (like everywhere in the world) and then his/her father's first would be automatically added.
  • Example: Lets say a family with the surname of VARON had a son who was given the first name "AHARON", and a daughter who was given the name "ESTHER". If the father of these two children was named BORIS, then the boy would be officially named: AHARON BORIS VARON and his sister ESTHER BORIS VARON. Note: The that a girl has 2 first names: one feminine (her own) and one masculine (that of her father).





Compiled from: Social Cultural & Educ. Association of the Jews in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Annual, No.22,1987 pp.156-176. Compiled by Mathilde Tagger.


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