Machzor from Amsterdam 1679.

In 1492 Spain expelled its Jewish population. Many who fled to Portugal were nevertheless forcibly baptized after 1496. More than 100 years later, their descendants - victims of the Inquisition who wished to live as Jews - began to arrive in Amsterdam. At that time the Dutch Republic was at war with Spain, so to avoid being identified with the Spanish enemy these refugees from the Iberian peninsula called themselves 'Portuguese' Jews. Today Jewish people refer affectionately to Amsterdam as "Little Jerusalem" and "Mokum." This beautiful city of harbors has always been an important place for the Jews.

This is a Machzor (prayer book for the holidays) from Vinograd, Amsterdam, It was published by Uri Ha'Levi in 1679. It is the liturgy for the High Holidays following the Sephardic rite.

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